The following WWWeb-sites might be of interest to you
as they are dealing with either archaeology or data-bases.
The list is by no means exhaustive.

Egyptology (and computers):

UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology
Egyptology Resources

Computer aided Egyptological Research
Egyptologists' Electronic Forum
Digital Karnak

Archaeology (and computers):

Archaeology Magazine
Bead Research
Guide to Archaeological Projects
Maya Archaeology
Southeast Asian Archaeology
Teeth in archaeology
Digital Hampson Museum

Institutes and institutions:

Cotsen Institute
Egypt Exploration Society
Egyptology at UC Los Angeles
European Association of Archaeologists
Netherlands Flemish Institute
Oriental Institute in Chicago
Peoplefinders: A Guide to Amateur Archaeology
Society of American Archaeologists

Museum collections:

Allard Pierson (Amsterdam)
Animal Mummies in Cairo Museum
The British Museum (London)
The Virtual Hampson Museum
The Louvre (Paris)

National Museum of Antiquities (RMO, Leiden)


If any of these links does not seem to work, or if you have suggestions for additional links, please contact us.