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Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, Los Angeles (CA, USA), 22-24 June 2004



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Roger Cribb: "Mobility, Conflict and the Negotiation of Space" (view video)
Steve Rosen: "Desert Pastoral Nomadism in the Longue Durée" (view video)
Willeke Wendrich: "
Adaptation or Marginalization" (view video)
Alison Betts: "Things to do with Sheep and Goats" (view video)
Brooke Milne: "Colonization, Structured Landscapes and Seasonal Mobility"
(view video)
Hans Barnard: "Microtraces of a Lost People" (view video)
Jelmer Eerkens: "On the Relationship between Pottery Production and Mobility" (view video)
Jeffrey Szuchman: "Mobility and Sedentarization in Late Bronze Age Syria" (view video)
Stanley Burstein: "Trogodytes = Blemmyes = Beja?"
(view video)
Stuart Smith: "Crossing Boundaries" (view video)

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