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Theory and practice of archaeological residue analysis
The proceedings of our symposium during the 70th Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archaeology (Salt Lake City, 30 March - 3 April 2005) are published in the British Archaeological Reports International Series 1650 (2007), ISBN 978-1-4073-0084-9. The Table of Contents, Index and some sample pages can be found below.

Chapter 1
J.W. Eerkens and H. Barnard
Chapter 2
R.K. Lusteck and R.G. Thompson
Residues of maize in North American pottery: What phytoliths can add to the story of maize
Chapter 3
M. Lombard and L. Wadley Micro-residues on stone tools: The bigger picture from a South African Middle Stone Age perspective
Chapter 4
N.I. Shishlina, A.V. Borisov, A.A. Bobrov and M.M. Pakhomov
Methods of interpreting Bronze Age vessel residues: Discussion, correlation and the verification of data
Chapter 5
H. Barnard, A.N. Dooley and K.F. Faull An introduction to archaeological lipid analysis by GC/MS
Chapter 6
M. Regert Elucidating pottery function using a multi-step analytical methodology combining infrared spectroscopy, chromatographic procedures and mass spectrometry
Chapter 7
M.E. Malainey
Fatty acid analysis of archaeological residues: Procedures and possibilities
Chapter 8
J.W. Eerkens
Organic residue analysis and the decomposition of fatty acids in potsherds
Chapter 9
T.F.M. Oudemans and J.J. Boon A comparitive study of extracable lipids in the sherds and surface residual crusts of ceramic vessels from Neolithic and Roman Iron Age settlements in the Netherlands
Chapter 10
J. Cassidy Patterns of subsistence change during the final Neolithic in the Primorye Region of the Russian Far East as revealed by fatty acid residue analysis
Chapter 11
H.A. Hoekman-Sites Using residue analysis to confirm trade connections at Pella, Jordan
Chapter 12
E.A. Reber The well-tempered pottery analysis: Residue and typological analysis of potsherds from the lower Mississippi Valley
Chapter 13
C. Solazzo and D. Erhardt
Analysis of lipid residues in archaeological artifacts: Marine mammal oil and cooking practices in the Arctic
Chapter 14
S.M. Rafferty
The archaeology of alkaloids
Chapter 15
D.E. Beehr and S.H. Ambrose Reconstructing Mississippian diet in the American Bottom with stable isotope ratios of pot sherd residues
Chapter 16
H. Barnard, S.H. Ambrose, D.E. Beehr, M.D. Forster, R.E. Lanehart, M.E. Malainey. R.E. Parr, M. Rider, C. Solazzo and R.M. Yohe II Results of seven methods for organic residue analysis applied to one vessel with the residue of a known foodstuff
Chapter 17
H. Barnard, L. Shoemaker, M. Rider, O.E. Craig, R.E. Parr, M.Q. Sutton and R.M. Yohe II Introduction to the analysis of protein residues in archaeological ceramics

Hans Barnard (UCLA) and Jelmer Eerkens (UC Davis)
c/o PO-box 951511; Los Angeles, CA 90095
Your suggestions, additions, comments and corrections are welcome and your participation even more so.
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